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Greg’s Testimony

Greg Quinlan is out and proud. Out of the gay lifestyle and proud of it, that is. This is the story of his escape. Greg’s mom was a born-again Christian who married an atheist with an attitude. That’s where the trouble began My dad identified with Archie Bunker in every way,” Greg explained. “The only

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Our Issues of Concern

Our Nation’s Most Major Issues: Abortion Parental Rights School Vouchers/Education Special Rights for Gays/Lesbians Hate Crimes Bills Gun Control Grandparent’s Rights

Statement of Faith

All trustees of the Board of Directors and employees of Pro-Family Network shall agree to the statement of faith, be practicing Christians in good standing with their respective house of worship and in the Christian community at large. Pro-Family Network is founded on the belief: That there is one God, eternally existent in three persons:

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